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Posts By Brad Bostic The Future of Preventive Care

Brad Bostic   |     27, Apr 2014

Five Advantages Every Lab Can Gain with Cloud Computing

Brad Bostic   |     12, Feb 2013

What Every Lab Needs to Know About Lab CRM and EHR Adoption

Brad Bostic   |     24, Jan 2013

The Secret to Lab Success: Healthcare CRM and BI

Brad Bostic   |     06, Dec 2012

Why Healthcare Leaders Are Briskly Adopting the Cloud

Brad Bostic   |     26, Nov 2012

How Will the Government's New System for Patients to Report Medical Mistakes Imp...

Brad Bostic   |     25, Sep 2012

Now is the Time for Healthcare to Embrace Cloud Computing

Brad Bostic   |     28, Aug 2012

If You Struggle With Unlocking the Value of Your Lab Data, Then You Will Identif...

Brad Bostic   |     02, Apr 2012

'The Elephant In The Room Is Really Health Care Costs'

Brad Bostic   |     03, Feb 2012

How to Save $54K in Testing Costs within 11 Weeks?

Brad Bostic   |     06, Jan 2012

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