Modern Healthcare recently included a guest post from Rick Schooler, CIO of Orlando Health, that really resonated with me.  It is great to see an IT leader conveying the powerful value healthcare cloud computing delivers to the business and highlighting the parallels between the advent of the PC (circa 1984) and the advent of cloud computing in healthcare.  While some people embraced PC's, others rejected them because they wouldn't be contained within the confines of the corporate IT data center.  Here are a couple of quotes that stood out for me in the post - 

"I remember the first time I heard someone use Thomas Paine’s quote, 'Lead, follow or get out of the way.' It was back in the mid-'70s when I was a high school quarterback, when one of my coaches rather directly introduced me to this new way of conducting myself both on and off the field."

"The advent of the cloud is changing everything, including how systems and technology are selected, purchased, funded and used, as well as how they are maintained and supported. Historically, organizations and individuals simply 'did without' when the IT folks or legacy vendors couldn’t make something happen or when an initiative couldn’t be funded or prioritized for delivery. Now, our organization colleagues have other options in order to pursue their information and technology needs as well as to independently innovate."

Healthcare cloud computing is a fundamental shift that is every bit as powerful as the advent of the PC.  While the PC enabled a major leap in accessibility and productivity, cloud computing in healthcare brings a leap that is 10X greater.  Now through mobile devices and advanced healthcare business intelligence, healthcare business leaders and their team members can instantly access everything related to all of their professional clients and patients securely in order to improve care.  Healthcare Management Solutions, such as the Healthcare CRM, are emerging via the cloud and being adopted at a rate that is dramatically faster even than that of the PC.  This rapid adoption is because it is easy and cost effective for business leaders to adopt these new solutions for performing such tasks as mining lab analytics in order to deliver the highest level of client service.  

We set out to create the ultimate healthcare cloud computing solution in, and it is great to see the support that seasoned healthcare veterans - across the business and IT offices of major healthcare organizations - are giving to this powerful shift that is underway.  It is clear that, today, traditional healthcare software systems that are installed on premise are not the only option.  The more agile approach that will position healthcare organizations for success today and in the future is to adopt healthcare cloud computing.  

Read Rick Schooler's entire post here: Now's the time to embrace the cloud and its technologies | Healthcare business news and research | Modern Healthcare 


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