Imagine a solution that lets your doctor know that you are following the treatment he recommended. Imagine a conversation between a diabetic patient and their provider, with each party sharing the same data promoting diagnostic visibility. Envision a physician experience where lab test results can be used to easily drive action to improve patient health. Imagine a healthcare environment where physician follow-up is not a rare occurrence but a new standard.


That vision is where the® Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ can take the future of patient care.

Already, is providing labs with solutions to help gain new business, provide exceptional client service, and streamline daily workflow. The Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ provides a standard of accountability and visibility to labs and radiology groups looking to reach a higher level of client satisfaction and success.

ewcblogvisual2 has built a successful solution for labs which can be leveraged in a vertically tailored solution for providers. provides physicians with the ability to receive test results from labs and translate those results into actionable steps for their patients. This culture of streamlined communication gives providers the chance to learn from their peers and provide their patients with better service and products.

By aligning the patient with the right care and then providing them with effective follow up, and their clients can achieve preventive patient care. Through integrations with personal health IT devices and apps, such as Fit Bit or My Fitness Pal, patients can monitor improvements in their own health and provide that information back to their providers to close the loop on their personal wellness initiatives.

The strategy boils down to a simple focus: empower the labs to help the providers to be more engaged with their patients. At the end of the day, the most successful way to treat people is to keep them from getting sick, and labs hold the key to improving the health of millions of people around the world. is committed to paving a new road for preventable health from the lab to the patient.

To learn more about how the® Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ is revolutionizing the healthcare experience, request a demo today!


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