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hc1.com is proud to wish our clients, partners, and friends a happy Med Lab Professionals week! We would like to thank all of our Lab professionals and other clinical staff for their continued efforts in delivering quality service and timely results to physicians and their patients. The hc1.com® Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ team is dedicated to providing labs and health systems with the solutions they need to deliver the best client experience possible, and we appreciate your continued service.


There is nothing more important than healthcare to the future success of our nation, and medical lab professionals and pathologists play an integral role in that success. You should be proud of yourself, your lab, and your enduring efforts - the hc1.com team definitely is!

To learn more about how the hc1.com Healthcare Relationship Cloud ™ can make a difference in your lab, register for our complimentary CLMA webinar on Tuesday, May 15 from 1-2pm EST. Join the CLMA, hc1.com CEO Brad Bostic, and St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital Executive Director Troy Reiff as they discuss leveraging healthcare intelligence to transform your lab's approach to optimizing internal performance. Register now!


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