We're excited to share that hc1.com client ChildLab will be speaking at Executive War College this month in New Orleans, LA. The annual conference, which takes place April 29-30, brings together key laboratory executives, pathologists, and other industry leaders to discuss strategies for clinical and financial success.

Tony Deluca, the National Sales Manager for ChildLab, will be presenting the breakout session, "Overcoming Common Challenges in Building and Expanding Your Lab Outreach Program and Its Effectiveness," beginning at 3pm CST on Tuesday, April 29th.


In addition to outlining outreach planning, personnel, and productivity-related strategies, Tony will share more about the hc1.com® Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ that facilitates ChildLab's ability to service, land, and expand client relationships.

hc1.com is proud to be involved in the Executive War College conference and connect with leaders in laboratory and pathology management. To learn more about Executive War College, click here. To learn more about hc1.com and our commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare experience, visit our resources page.

About ChildLab:

ChildLab, one of the country's leading pediatric reference laboratories, originated in 1946 as a component of Children's Hospital of Columbus. Specialties include anatomic pathology and clinical pathology. With over 20 locations across Ohio, ChildLab in uniquely qualified to deliver confidence and results for children and their families.


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