Last week sponsored a webinar for lab executives with G-2 Intelligence titled "3 Keys to Winning More Clients and Serving Them for Life - How to Optimize the Entire Client Lifecycle".  Ken Cerney, the President of fast growing molecular lab Know Error led the discussion that included about 130 registered attendees.  

One of the key points of the discussion was the criticality of adopting a Healthcare CRM strategy to make it easier for individuals across sales, service, and operations to have the lab analytics required to instantly spot important client trends.  With most labs relying on traditional laboratory information management solutions, or LIMS, to manage internal clinical processes, many additional point systems generally compose the lab's systems environment - billing, supply management, service logs, etc. - leading to a fragmented picture of the client.  

This abundance of point systems and databases in labs has led to a major challenge when attempting to perform meaningful lab analytics capturing both the service and clinical aspects of the client picture.  To illustrate this point, a survey taken during the webinar asked how many systems each week the lab executives in attendance needed to access in order to do their jobs.  50% of those in attendance need to access four or more systems with 16% accessing a staggering 6+!  

With Healthcare CRM plus dashboarding and alerting capabilities, such as those pioneered by our service, labs are able to instantly access a comprehensive client view that far exceeds traditional lab tracking software.  Given that lab results are used to make 80% of all diagnostic decisions in healthcare, labs must begin gaining a comprehensive client view to be sure that top notch care is delivered in a cost effective manner.  

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