Hundreds of labs dialed in to the G2 Intelligence Webinar March 28th to hear Ken Cerney, President of Know Error, and Brad Bostic, CEO of, discuss 3 Keys to Winning More Clients & Serving Them for Life.

The webinar focused on optimizing the entire client lifecycle -- spanning sales, service, and operations -- in order to deliver superior service.

Listen to the Webinar Recording Now.

The #1 obstacle that makes it challenging for many labs to execute on consistent service relates to disparate data silos. In fact, a Quick Poll during the webinar showed that half of the participants had to log in to 4+ systems on a weekly basis in order to effectively do their job.

Laboratory Systems Poll

Without a comprehensive, 360 degree view of exactly what's happening with each client relationship, it is nearly impossible for the lab to gather the information necessary to make each ordering provider feel like its more important client.

To learn more about and how its Healthcare Relationship Management™ solution combines Healthcare CRM, real time dashboards and alerts, and secure communications in order to provide labs with a real-time, comprehensive view of every relationship, view our 2 minute video.


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