Are you as excited for HIMSS17 as we are? This legendary conference brings together over 40,000 healthcare information technology thought leaders and professionals for 5 days of education and innovation. With so many people, solutions, and activities crammed into a single convention center, it can be difficult to know where to focus your time and energy. But fear not - help is here! We’ve rounded up the top 5 things to watch for at HIMSS17 to prepare you for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

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1. A Renewed Focus on Patient-Centric Operations

Patients are now consumers - a rise of high deductible health plans, the commoditization of healthcare services, and expanded provider options have seen to that. This means that it’s more important than ever before healthcare organizations to provide value-based services to their patients at every step of the healthcare journey. Luckily, new solutions are coming to market that directly address this new patient-focused market.

While at HIMSS17, look for sessions and speakers that call out patient-focused solutions through some of these buzzwords: patient wellness, care coordination, and population management. Make sure you attend “Improving Post-Acute Care with Care Coordination,” featuring Angela Norris, VP of Contracting and Business Integration at American Senior Communities, happening on Feb. 20 @ 3:45pm in the Population Care Management Center.

2. Solutions To Help Efficiently Grow Outreach 

For many healthcare leaders, a lack of visibility into physician activities, ordering patterns, and insurance coverage means disconnected operations and fragmented processes. In today’s competitive landscape, healthcare organizations must find new ways to unify and leverage data in order to grow profitably, provide amazing service, and deliver exceptional care.  

What if you could actually have a holistic, 360-degree view of all physician behavior data and claims patterns in your region to deliver precise marketing programs? What if you could actually visualize positivity rates and claims data across specific patient populations for direct-to-consumer wellness programs? These solutions are real, and they are being unveiled at HIMSS17. Don’t miss out on “Delivering Amazing Service & Care Through Live Analysis of Provider Relationships and Behavior,” featuring Brad Bostic, CEO of, happening on Feb 20 @ 1:30pm in the Clinical and Business Intelligence Knowledge Center.

3. The Healthcare Cloud Revolution is Here! 

Thanks to a renewed dependence on technology in healthcare, IT departments are feeling the strain. It is often difficult for large, enterprise-level healthcare organizations to find solutions that can scale with their business while remaining truly HIPAA compliant. With more patient data available than ever before, this security is a must to remain a leader in such a competitive environment. This is sure to be a huge theme at this year’s HIMSS conference, as many healthcare leaders embrace the new cloud revolution - though most still remain wary of PHI and HIPAA security.

Luckily, cloud-hosting services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) have developed highly secure, HIPAA-eligible cloud-based environments for solutions to store patient data. Look for solutions that talk about HIPAA-compliancy and BAA guidelines to know for sure whether or not you’re working with a secure cloud environment. Stop by the AWS booth, #6969, to see whether or not cloud-based computing in healthcare is right for your organization.

4. Bundled Payment Solutions & Strategies

With new bundled payment models in place, post-acute care facilities and treatment health centers must now track critical metrics such as cost per patient, per treatment, and per length of stay. What’s often lacking, however, is streamlined communication and transparency between caregivers that can help to decrease readmission rates and length of stays. New regulations such as the CJR 90-day rule have made it imperative that healthcare organizations learn how to manage and comply with these guidelines, and bundled payment solutions are the answer.

With clear bundled payment strategies and solutions in place, organizations can comply with regulations, track FIM score measures and proactively follow up with ‘red flag’ patients, and provide accurate data-backed reports to maximize reimbursements. Make sure you stop by booth# 6179-40 to get a quick look at hc1’s industry-leading Bundled Payment Insight solutions.

5. Streamlined Data Integration Is The Key To Success

In today’s healthcare landscape, data is everything. In fact, it’s so important that bad data now equates to bad clinical outcomes. Health systems, hospitals, ACOs and HIEs must have access to real-time data analytics to achieve better health outcomes, and comply with policies including payment reforms and reimbursement changes. The key to success? Having the tools necessary to streamline data integration and access this data in real-time, from anywhere.

We’re excited to join our partner 4medica, a leading provider of cloud-based clinical data exchange, to present this invite-only CIO roundtable and dinner - “The Roadmap to Identity Management and Real-Time Analytics.” You can request an invite to this exclusive event here.


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