By eliminating data silos and streamlining their sales operations, Incyte Diagnostics has experienced phenomenal growth and strengthened their client partnerships. In 2016, the independent lab exceeded its sales growth goal by 107%.

How? By recognizing what was broken and focusing on improving key aspects of their business to facilitate growth.

Incyte Diagnostics is a leading clinical pathology laboratory with more than 230 employees, including 43 pathologists. The lab prides itself on partnering with hospital administration to share new approaches to continuous quality improvement, cost effective diagnostic testing and improved outcomes for hospital staff and patients.

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It was running multiple systems to manage its sales process and payor information. The team used email and spreadsheets, which resulted in tedious workflows and disorganized information tracking. Incyte’s leadership had little real-time insight into volume or revenue shifts, client account health, marketing campaigns or sales activities.

For Incyte Diagnostics to expand into new markets, the clinical pathology laboratory recognized it needed to eliminate data silos and streamline sales operations.

Incyte implemented hc1, a healthcare-centric CRM, to:

  • Help their sales reps gain more field time
  • Centralize client information
  • Track sales activities
  • Properly store data
  • Gain access to real-time analytics

The impact of unifying data while providing a secure platform for their employees to log all client interactions and proactively manage client issues was profound.

In 2016, Incyte Dx:

  • Exceeded their sales growth goal by 107%
  • Retained 99.51% of current business
  • Reduced the overall workload of the Client Services team by 6.25%
  • Gained 32 additional days-worth of field time for sales reps

With the addition of hc1, the lab even began using data analytics to negotiate better payor reimbursement rates. Instead of being viewed as a cost-center, Incyte is known as a value-add healthcare organization. The lab equips payors with the data necessary to show clinician ordering behaviors and methods to influence test utilization and reduce unnecessary orders.

Download this free case study to learn more about Incyte Dx and their success. 

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