Whew - what a week! Hopefully you had a fun, informative, and educational week in Orlando -- the hc1.com team sure did. Did you get a chance to connect with us at the HIMSS17 conference? Connect with us on Twitter @hc1_HRM or #hc1atHIMSS to share your story!

In case you’re suffering from information overload (or even just a HIMSS hangover) we’ve gathered a list of what we learned at HIMSS17 -- and why these things are going to continue to be important in 2017 and beyond.

The efficient hospital is a real thing -- and it's easier to achieve than you think. 

Do you know how your hospital is going to better serve your large patient populations without breaking the bank? While the adage “make more money while saving more money” may sound ludicrous to some healthcare executives, it’s actually possible with the help of technology and innovation.
Healthcare-specific CRM solutions enable hospitals and healthcare organizations to visualize internal operations on a large scale, making it possible to better allocate resources and employee time. It’s also now possible to better manage provider and referral networks, which unlocks the patient journey outside the four walls of the hospital.

Want to learn more? Check out this story about how ASC, a leading post-acute care facility, streamlined operations to recapture employee time and lost revenue. 

Bundled payment models are here and they aren't going anywhere.

Bundled payment models, the government-regulated measures that encourage healthcare providers to get patients healthy and move them out of facilities within 90 days, are becoming the norm for many standard procedure models. So how do large health systems (who may have multiple outpatient or post-acute facilities) manage these large patient populations?

Understanding facility output, patient FIM score measures, and reimbursement updates are all components of successfully dealing with bundled payment. These modified Care Coordination solutions make it easy for health systems and outpatient facilities to comply with new payment models, minimize patient length of stay, and reduce readmissions.

Want to learn more? You can get a brief overview of hc1's Post-Acute Care solutions here.

Integrated data is the new norm.  

Today’s healthcare leaders have access to more data than ever before, and one would think this would make it easier to do business and make critical decisions. Unfortunately, this data is often housed in disparate systems that make it difficult to gain a holistic view of healthcare processes and workflows.

Thanks to a growing number of cross-functional partnerships and cross-vertical data sharing solutions, healthcare leaders now have this transparent view of all patient and operational data that they need. Critical points like biometrics are now part of patient profiles, allowing stakeholders both inside and outside the hospital to contribute to the patient journey.

Take a look at hc1’s newest product offering, hc1 ProviderView™, to see how data will continue to innovate and elevate the healthcare experience.

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