The healthcare industry is in a state of flux: reimbursement rates are dropping and regulations are changing almost overnight. Labs are now being tasked with doing more with less - all while delivering on the promise of amazing customer service. Delivering this value is only possible, however, if your client base is stable and secure. 

Many leading labs have begun to overcome these uncertainties by activating a healthcare-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. These holistic solutions gather incoming data from various data points - LIS, EMR, billing, etc. - to present a clear, 360-degree view of all prospective and active customer accounts. 

From gathering leads and managing opportunities to closing business and growing existing accounts, effective lab outreach teams need support and transparency throughout every stage of a client relationship. 

Watch "How To Grow A Profitable Lab While Delivering Amazing Service" now! 

One leading clinical pathology laboratory, Incyte Diagnostics, found itself with little real-time insight into volume or revenue shifts, client account health, marketing campaigns or sales activities.

“We needed a better understanding of what was taking place within our clients’ hospitals,” Nate Koenig, Incyte Chief Marketing Officer, said. “To grow, we had to improve. That’s where our lab-specific CRM proved invaluable.”

You can watch this free webinar recording to hear Nate's story first-hand and learn how Incyte Dx was able to: 

  • Exceeded their sales growth goal by 107%
  • Retained 99.51% of current business
  • Reduced the overall workload of the Client Services team by 6.25%
  • Gained 32 additional days-worth of field time for sales reps

Watch the webinar recording now. 

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