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Thanks to a renewed dependence on technology in healthcare, IT departments are feeling the strain. It is often difficult for large, enterprise-level healthcare organizations to find solutions that can scale with their business while remaining truly HIPAA compliant. With more patient data available than ever before, this security is a must to remain a leader in such a competitive environment.

How Architects for HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

With the hc1 Healthcare Relationship Management platform, running on the AWS cloud, healthcare organizations can power outreach, service, operations, and care delivery teams through data relationship profiles and workflow automation. The platform enables providers to:

  • Streamline data unification across silos
  • Free up organizational resources to focus on other IT functions
  • Deliver best-in-class availability for critical business systems
  • Scale enterprise IT initiatives without sacrificing security or HIPAA compliance

“One of the things that I love about how has built their platform on AWS is how they have taken care to understand which portions of their application store, process, and transmit PHI, and are therefore subject to the BA”, wrote Aaron Friedman, a Healthcare & Life Sciences Partner Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services. “For the remaining portions of their platform, they leverage the full suite of AWS services to deliver the best possible experience to their customers.”

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AWS Healthcare Competency Status

In 2016 hc1 achieved AWS Partner Network Healthcare Competency status, one of the first within the AWS partner ecosystem to achieve this level of recognition. As an AWS Healthcare Competency Partner, hc1 demonstrated a deep understanding of both the security and compliance requirements for HIPAA workloads while still providing excellent value to their customers.  By leveraging these AWS services, laboratories, hospitals, and post-acute care networks running their business on hc1 automatically gain a cloud platform optimized for performance, scalability, and security -- essential elements to a successful value-based care delivery model.

You can learn more about the partnership between hc1 and AWS at HIMSS17! Stop by the AWS booth, #6969, or one of the hc1 booths, #6179-40, #6493, and #6770-02 to learn more!

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