Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry and organizations are no longer guaranteed to stay in business. For laboratories especially, the financial strains are poised to only grow over the next several years. Government regulations such as PAMA and MACRA are threatening to cut over $5.4 billion in lab test fees over the next 20 years. Laboratories must find ways to counterbalance this lost revenue while providing better service to patient and provider clients in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Join us for this free educational webinar that will outline the three new rules that are critical to laboratory survival.

Webinar: 3 Critical Rules For Lab Survival in 2017

Speakers: Rick Cooper, Manager of the McDonald Hopkins National Healthcare Practice Group, and Diane Janowiak, Laboratory Professional 

Date: Thursday, March 23rd

Time: 2pm EDT

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Today’s laboratories are notorious data collectors -- over 70% of data in patient profiles comes from clinical providers. The abundance of clinical and business data available to lab decision makers will become the foundation for thriving in 2017 and beyond. A renewed dependence on technology means that it’s now easier than ever for labs to unlock the power of this data and in turn embrace the “new rules” for survival.

Join Diane Janowiak, a laboratory expert with more than 25 years experience, and Rick Cooper, Manager of the McDonald Hopkins National Healthcare Practice Group, as they share how laboratories can unlock the power of data and embrace these new rules of survival.

Attendees will learn:

  • How streamlining internal workflows can help recapture overhead costs and increase client satisfaction.
  • How automating quality checks can ensure your lab is inspection-ready at all times without increasing employee workload.
  • How you can proactively increase reimbursements and forge valuable relationships with payors through real-time data and analytics.
Register now for this free educational webinar.

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