North Memorial Health Care is a Level 1 Trauma Care hospital located in Robbinsdale, MN. This large health system performs over 1.6 million tests annually, and collects over $10 million a year from outreach programs.

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North Memorial began their relationship with hc1 in early 2014, starting in Client Services. Having access to real-time intelligence and building an organization-wide framework of communication and collaboration enabled North Memorial to immediately begin to eliminate wasted time and increase client retention.

Watch North Memorial’s webinar on “Laying the Groundwork for Transformational Change Throughout Your Hospital and Lab” here.

Realizing near-immediate results (saving a $150,000 account within just 10 days of activation) made North Memorial decision makers excited to truly begin innovating with the platform. In March of 2015, North Memorial began their test utilization pilot, which was built to address four organization-wide priorities:

  • Patient quality and experience
  • Internal operational efficiency and workflows
  • Profitable growth
  • Population health management 

After implementing their test utilization strategy, North Memorial saw:

  • A 127% increase in Total T4 testing over T4 testing
  • A 50% reduction in high-cost unreimbursed test ordering
  • A 40% increase in educated providers

Head to Executive War College (EWC) the first week of May to see North Memorial and Mayo Medical Labs present on how they jointly developed a utilization program for a large portion of the Midwest. 

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