Life can literally change in an instant. Imagine one minute you're standing 40 feet above water admiring the beautiful scenery and moments later you are floating paralyzed, facing a lifetime in the world of quadriplegia. Sound impossible?

Meet Chris Leeuw, Sr. Technical Instructional Designer for hc1. This is exactly what happened to Chris in 2010 after a diving accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. Like so many on the hc1 team, Chris has a personal experience that connects him to the global mission of hc1.

Following his injury, Chris was discharged from rehabilitation coverage after only a few months and was still mostly paralyzed from the neck down. Chris was shocked to learn that his insurance coverage capped care for people recovering from traumatic injury before he was fully recovered and that out-of-pocket rates to attend therapy sessions were completely unaffordable at $300-$400 per hour. 

Throughout his two-year recovery, Chris became inspired to help others in similar situations. Chris founded NeuroHope, an outpatient physical therapy clinic located here in Indianapolis, to treat patients with spinal cord injury, brain injury and stroke in need of long-term care after insurance has stopped coverage. Today, Chris has left his wheel chair and cane behind -- and he hopes to create similar experiences for others with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. He was named to the the IBJ 40 Under 40 list in 2016 and continues to make a positive impact throughout the community.


Chris explains why he feels so passionate about his work here at hc1:

“hc1 understands that in healthcare you must have a patient-centric vision.  If you simplify the complexities of the industry and focus on building a successful model centered on the needs of patients, the world will take notice.  This is the crux of NeuroHope as well.”

This is just one of countless other examples of how the hc1 team is connected to our mission. Thankfully, Chris’ story has a positive outcome and, like hc1, he is committed to disrupting the status quo.

Want to see what else the hc1 team is working on? Check out our Careers page to learn about the amazing team members who call hc1 home. 


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