Look out Austin -- the hc1 team is comin' for ya! hc1 team members are heading down to South By South West (SXSW), one of the largest conferences and festivals for technology, innovation, and creativity. hc1 will be presenting as part of the Government Interactive conference (March 10 - 13) portion of the festival. 

With the recent explosion of the 'Internet of Things' (IoT), it has become easier than ever for government representatives and organizatios to rely on technology advancements to postively impact the daily lives of constituents. Presented in conjuntion with our partner Amazon Web Services, hc1 will be demonstrating our newest solution, hc1 ProviderView™ (recently unveiled at HIMSS). 


Toxicology v2.png

hc1 ProviderView™ offers unparalleled insight into real-time provider realtionships and behaviors. The solutions seamlessly integrates, connects, and enhances billions of claims, prescription, and live clinical data to create a complete picture of provider behavior. For goverment entities, this insight can have a drastic impact on community wellness and overall population health. 


Don't miss out -- look for hc1 @ SXSW this weekend!! 



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