Yes you read that title right. Not only are we helping our clients everyday with lab CRM or healthcare business intelligence...we are also cooking chili. Competitively of course.

The 2nd annual hc1 Chili Cook-Off did not disappoint as taste-testers from all parts of the office gathered to grab a bowl and pick their winner. 13 different kinds of chili stood on the table this year ready to be eaten, judged, and hopefully rewarded. Chili names included, "Satan's Ice Cream", "Dragon's Breath", and "Nothing Fancy," all with heat levels of mild, medium, and very hot. Even if they weren't chefs of chili, others brought in toppings, snacks, corn bread, and chips to make it a feast.

Excitement was in the air as each hungry "judge" made their way through the line, making their evaluations from taste bud reactions and gut feelings. Even some clients, in town for hc1 Business Intelligence Training (stay tuned for a post), joined in on the fun and submitted their own evaluations.

With our bellies full of chili, we were all winners. But at the end of the day, there had to be one true winner. We had to give credit where credit was due, and that winner was "Dragon's Breath" by Sr. Solution Architect Derrick Bovard. Runner-up honors went to "Bambi in Hell" by Jarrod Nicholas in Quality Assurance.

Thanks to all who participated and made this a successful Chili Cook-Off. Next year is poised to be bigger and better as Derrick looks to defend his title and win over the crowd once again.

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