I‘m really amazed when I sit in on prospect calls and hear very successful labs talking about their existing processes for managing their service. There’s been so much innovation in the service industry, but the lab industry has some catching up to do. With the macro trend of the commoditization of the lab market, the time to change is now! If you can’t compete on price, then isn’t it imperative that you deliver service excellence?

I hear stories of Client Services groups who log their client issues in excel spreadsheets and who have daily meetings to discuss issues anecdotally as there is no trending or tracking regarding the types of issues that are occurring or the root cause. hc1.com lab CRM can play a central role in moving your organization from a world of manual processes and disorganization into a service provider who has a 360-degree view of the customer and provides industry-leading service.

I am a big fan of daily standup meetings (as you may have seen in a previous blog post), but anecdotal information does not drive excellent service. hc1.com enables you to define the important categories for your customer issues, and to capture the root cause for those issues in a standardized format (instead of logging free form text in excel sheets). Once your team is capturing that information, you can evaluate the actions you need to take to improve. Having robust business intelligence that’s available across the business and all departments can drive better strategies to streamline processes, provide more transparency around what issues clients are experiencing, and drive improvements to service.  For example, you might see that the top trending client issue is billing and that you need to prioritize your time on that area to increase client satisfaction and retention.

The beauty of hc1.com is that we have designed the solution specifically for Labs, and in addition to the issues and activities you track for your clients, we also integrate with your Lab Information System and other systems to bring in operational data such as order volumes and results. Imagine a world where your client services rep can log a case for one of your providers, assign it to the appropriate department, and relate the accession number for that order to the case. And imagine that your Sales rep can see all the activity for their clients – the order volume as well as the call that came in this morning regarding an issue. As you can imagine, it’s a totally different world that positions you to retain your existing clients and to create a great service reputation that drives referrals and growth.

Our clients are often surprised to learn that they can get up and running with hc1.com in a matter of weeks and also just how quickly it transforms their business processes, communication, and ultimately their service to clients.

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