US Health Group Toxicology laboratory is a premier provider of comprehensive clinical qualitative and quantitative urine drug testing, medication monitoring and support services. With 12 lab locations and plans to continue adding several new locations each year, USHG faced reporting and communication challenges that made it difficult for the organization to assess overall performance in addition to the status of specific clients.

“As a data-focused laboratory, we knew it was critical to track our interactions and outcomes with each client,” says USHG Data Analyst Coordinator Marisa Manley. “But manual processes proved to be extremely inefficient from a productivity and quality standpoint and didn’t give us the real-time, granular insight our team needed.” In order to stay a step ahead their clients, USHG needed to access a real-time, 360-degree view of each client relationship – without relying on cumbersome spreadsheets or one-off communications.

Find out how US Healh Group has now transformed its reporting and communication process with, boosting productivity between 20-80% throughout the organization.

Download the Case Study here.

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