Back in January I shared the changes we've been making to our training process to improve user experience and adoption of As a result of those changes, one of the benefits that hc1 Elite clients receive is the opportunity to join us on site at hc1 headquarters for three days of intensive Business Intelligence (report building) Training.

hc1 Business Intelligence Training prepares client report developers and analysts to customize their BI dashboards and develop reports to meet their organization's unique needs. At a high level, training is designed to cover general to in-depth reporting functions in the first two days, and advanced security and Dynamic Data Cloud features on day three. Here's an overview:

Day One and Two: General Training

Audience: Report Writers and Administrators

Agenda: overview of data to dashboard lifecycle, report building, and dashboard creation

Day Three: Advanced Training

Audience: Administrators

Agenda: data relationship creation, groups and security, Dynamic Data Cloud overview

Key benefits of hc1 Business Intelligence Training:

Shared interaction, best practices and use cases: our training involves multiple clients who can all network and share use cases

In-depth customization: our training also empowers clients to make the most of the solution by building the reports needed to meet their organizational needs

Online help: our clients have access to detailed online help through their hc1 environments

Training environment remains live after training: if a client built something in training that they would like to replicate when they get back, this is possible for up to 30 days

Want to know more? Read more about our healthcare Business Intelligence solution and contact us today.


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