They come from miles away. With diverse backgrounds. With diverse expectations. They come searching for ways to leverage their data to improve decision making. To save money through improved operations and decreased time to resolve issues. To exploit new sales opportunities. To learn how to make their data "sing" the songs of healthcare-specific business intelligence (BI). And at the end of their expedition, these intrepid travelers leave with the know-how to convert data to intelligence to action.

Who are these travelers and what is the expedition?

Throughout the year, hosts intensive BI training seminars where data professionals from clinical labs get hands-on experience with the hc1 BI solution. Through a mix of instruction, demos, and activity, our clients learn about best practices in creating their own reports based on their own business needs. While the out-of-the-box "standard" BI reports provide immediate value in analyzing lab CRM data, they also serve as a launching point for clients to use the BI tools to find even more value in the lab analytics they track each day. There are common concerns and objectives across our clinical lab partners, but the unique challenges faced in a variety of competitive environments makes this BI training a true value add.

What types of skills do our clients learn?

Clients who complete the hc1 BI training seminar are prepared to produce a wide variety of reports, charts, with drill-through and drill-down capabilities. Clients are given best practices on creating the data structures that facilitate engaging and informative BI reports. However, the training does not cover every aspect of every component in the BI solution. To do so would take weeks and could lead to inside-the-box thinking about BI. Instead, the hc1 BI training seminar teaches the major and most common components and allows the client to think about their specific needs and how to approach those needs in innovative ways.

What happens after the training ends?

Once training ends, our clients build out their own BI solutions to address core business needs and to further improve decision making capabilities. In effect, these BI trainees become hc1 BI partners, helping to define effective reports and to uncover innovative applications possible within And as partners, communicates regularly with these BI report analysts to troubleshoot issues and to refine thinking on how hc1 BI tools can leverage client data into actionable information.

More than anything, clients recognize that the end of training is not the end of the expedition. It's only the beginning.

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