I have made some deliberate observations over the past few months and continue to be amazed by the rapid change that is being "forced" upon the laboratory industry! Below are my "top 10" items that will directly impact how the laboratory industry will function for the future (in no particular order).

  1. Meaningful use
  2. Reimbursement reduction
  3. Healthcare reform (impacting individual consumers, businesses, Medicare, Medicaid)
  4. Ease of switching laboratory providers
  5. ACO's
  6. Acquisitions
  7. Stiffer competition
  8. Private Equity / Venture Capital in healthcare
  9. New technologies / lab tests
  10. Governing bodies increasing penalties for non-compliance  

What does all of this mean? I am not sure anyone has all of the answers, but I do know one thing this means..... now more than ever, laboratories need to know their client base inside and out so they do not experience the attrition they all continue to fear! The combination effect of my "top 10" list means all labs are now susceptible to clients who are less understanding of mistakes and delays in lab results. All labs will also have to fight lower profit margins.

You now may be asking yourself, "If I have to 'do more with less' to survive, how do I ensure that my clients are always happy and will stay with my lab?"  The answer is to serve your clients for life with hc1.com's Healthcare CRM.

hc1.com provides real-time lab analytics that will alert you when a specific client needs your attention. For example, you may be alerted because a client's volume has dropped off or there has been reoccurring issues over the past few weeks. The bottom line is you no longer have to react to unhappy clients; you can proactively address issues as you are alerted.

hc1.com has also embraced the latest trend across healthcare, leveraging Healthcare Cloud Computing technology.  The result of implementing hc1.com's cloud based solution is a cost effective "operating expense" that can be utilized across the laboratory. It can leverage the intelligence that has been locked away in the expensive Laboratory Information Management Systems that have been deployed for years and never delivered the full value it was intended to.

If this sounds like your lab and you are interested in learning more, log onto hc1.com or request a demo from one of our Lab CRM experts! 

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