By Esther Friend, VP of Client Success

The Power of Daily Standups:

At, every day starts with standup – the Engineering, QA, Product Management, and Client Success teams meet for 15 minutes every single day. The meeting includes our team of experts who work here onsite in Indianapolis, and our remote team members who dial in. Each team member gives his update regarding his accomplishments the day before, his highest priority tasks for the day, and shares if he has any blockers.  If there are blockers, other team members jump in to help so it can be resolved quickly. People can lean on their teammates for help and knowledge is transferred amongst the team.

Daily standups create transparency, accountability, and communication amongst our team. It builds strong relationships and facilitates the integration of new team members and accelerates their learning curve. It gives Engineers, Product Management, and QA insight into the frontline and how their work is making our medical laboratory software even better for our customers.

The Culture:

The daily standup has a ripple effect where even outside of the meeting, our healthcare CRM experts are helping each other and reaching across teams to communicate and solve problems. This creates a cadence which drives efficiency and productivity.  Lastly, it provides a great outlet to relieve stress; we’ve gotten to know one another and there are inside jokes that build over time and become part of company lore.

Of course we still have longer meetings that are more strategic or forward-looking in nature. This includes a weekly meeting to prioritize customer feature requests and bug tickets, the weekly Product Strategy meeting, and monthly company updates. However, the standup meeting is something that binds us together and reminds us every day that we are a team focused on 1 common goal – delivering for our customers.

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Take an inside look into how our lab CRM experts have delivered for lab leader South Bend Medical Foundation by downloading our Success Story.


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