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ron burgundyWhether it be a routine check-up with the family doctor, or a late night trip to the Emergency Room, everyone has shared some sort of interaction with the healthcare system. People rely on healthcare to protect and ensure their health and well-being, from the words of Ron Burgundy, "it’s kind of a big deal.”

Being an industry that has an effect on everyone (whether they like it or not,) you would expect top-of-the-line service and excessive amounts of attention when it comes to a patient’s experience. Unfortunately that’s not the case for most people. The average healthcare experience leaves patients feeling like a number in the system, rather than a living-breathing human being in need of medical attention.

Patients are like snowflakes; they’re delicate, have an unpredictable path, and most importantly, are one-of-a-kind.

At the beginning of a medical journey, patients tend to be the most fragile. Not knowing the outcome develops anxiety in the form of mind-racing thoughts (Will it hurt? Will I be okay? What if I’m not? How’s my family going to react?) It’s used frequently in hollywood thrillers to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The key difference is the patient isn’t watching it on a 100 ft screen, instead they’re the lead role. Not knowing the outcome of the situation, especially when it’s a matter of life and death, hinders the patient, along with their family and loved ones.

No two people are exactly alike, meaning it’s impossible to share the exact same experience with one another. A person’s perspective is responsible for developing their uniqueness. It’s impossible to go into someone’s head to see what they see and feel what they feel. Given the severity of the situation, a healthcare experience can break people down to their most vulnerable state.olaf To ensure the best possible experience, the healthcare system needs to treat its patients like the unique, delicate snowflakes they are.

Personalizing the patient experience establishes a feeling of comfort when it’s frequently needed. That level of attention and care needs to be implemented no matter how dire the situation may be. Most people associate bad vibes with their visits to the E.R, or seeing a family member’s eyes full of pain as they lay immobile in a hospital bed. The healthcare system needs to overcompensate in order to establish the most comfortable experience possible for a patient and their family, for routine checkups or trips to the I.C.U, and everything in between.

The hc1.com® Healthcare Relationship Cloud®  brings the necessary attributes to the patient experience. Implementing strong communication as well as actionable data that delivers personalized care. hc1.com brings healthcare up to speed with Healthcare CRM, Campaign Automation, Integrated Data, and Live Analytics - all designed to personalize the healthcare experience for patients, providers, and all entities involved.

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