hc1.com is built on strong partner relationships with our all-star clients, and we love seeing one of them atop the Inc. 5000 list. Congratulations to Castle Medical for making #4 on the list of the fastest growing private companies in America!

Castle Medical, a full-service toxicology lab based in Smyrna, GA, performs workplace drug testing as well as testing for hormones and vitamin levels, and DNA testing that can help determine proper dosages. According to their Inc. profile, Castle has grown 25,485% in the last 3 years, bringing in almost $83.7 million in revenue in 2014 alone.

Castle Medical - Final Logo - White Background - Revised-TM

Castle Medical activated hc1 to help build their sales team, win new deals, and create a winning client experience. You can learn how hc1 helped Castle increase revenue and grow their market share by watching this quick webinar recording here.

Congratulations to Castle Medical!

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