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A blog series by Kyle Ray, Online and Event Marketing Intern for hc1.com

On July 22nd the hc1.com team had its annual company outing to downtown Indianapolis. Our day started off with an offsite company meeting in the Hall of Champions of the NCAA Hall of Fame. From there we walked to Victory Field, home of the Indianapolis Indians. I decided to document our day along with my current thought.

What’s happening? --My current thought at the moment.

8:15: Alarm goes off, time to get ready. --Ugh don’t wanna wake up.

8:38: Just left for work. --Where am I going again? the NCAA Museum. Pretty sure thats on the west side.


9:01: Driving in circles looking for this underground parking garage. --I was supposed to be there a minute ago, I’m gonna look like an idiot showing up late. Why did I stop for coffee?

9:14: Just ran (light jog) into a few coworkers outside the garage.--PHEW! I’m not alone. I hope they don’t ask me why I’m breathing heavily.

9:22: CEO Brad Bostic walks on stage to kick things off! --We’ve got a busy morning ahead of us. I wonder who the Indians are playing?

9:32: Brad introduces the guest speaker Tim Kopp, Partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners. --He worked at ExactTarget, I bet my mom knows who he is.

10:23: Bathroom Break #1. --Finally!

10:25: On my way back I see Tim Kopp standing by the door. --uhh should I go talk to him, probably should, what do I say….hmm?

10:25: Me: “Hi Tim, thank you for speaking with us!” --There ya go, you did it! 

10:27: After our brief conversation, Tim hands me his card, and tells me to stay in touch. --Wow, small talk actually turned into something meaningful. Go Me!

10:30: Brad Bostic jumps back on stage for the company update.

10:50: COO, Chris Brown with the financial update. --We like to, make money get turnt.

11:10: Senior VP of Sales, Mike Alessandro delivers the Sales Update.

11:34: Director of Solutions Consulting, Helen Malick, calls in from Dallas to discuss the hc1 solution platform. --I love technology, it's like magic.

11:46: Bathroom Break #2 --I drank too much coffee.

11:52: VP of Marketing, Megan Glover, with my team's update. --Conferences on Conferences.

12:06: VP of Client Success, Esther Friend, brings employees on stage to share a few Client Success stories.

12:29: Getting awkward stares because my stomach's growling. --I can't help that I'm hungry.

12:32: Senior VP of Technology, Laura Breedlove, with the Technology update. --I just got chills, she could be a motivational speaker.

12:34: Chris Brown runs back on stage to give Laura a hug. --Good things happen when you save money!

12:38: Brad Bostic steps back on stage for the closing remarks. --That flew by, I wonder where the company will be a year from now.

12:45: Received an hc1 hat, as well as tickets and food vouchers for the game. --This day keeps getting better and better!

12:51: Company photo time. --I really hope the photographer doesn’t place me in the front row. He picked Stu  instead haha.

1:01: Finally inside the ballpark. --Looks like our seats are down the third base line, perfect foul ball territory.
1:07: Bought a footlong hotdog with my ‘Tribe-Tokens" -- Am I allowed to buy a beer? Maybe later, I don’t want to be the only one.

1:15: Kyle and I went back  to the concession stand to buy a beer. --Only after we saw our managers carrying their own.

1:33: A few other interns pop a squat next to us. --We’re discussing how much we love company outings. “We should do this every week.”indians game

1:37: Sun is BEAMING down on us. --Perfect day for baseball, I’ll for sure take this over any day at the office. I think I'll actually get some color today.

1:52: Stand up triple drives in the first run. -- I don’t think anyone noticed. I guess today is more like a “social event” compared to the in-depth analysis of the game I usually do.

2:10: Taking a lap around the park with a few coworkers. --Definitely making a stop at the Sun King vendor, best craft beer in town!

2:20: Sun is still beaming down on us. --I need to find some sunscreen.

2:30: Indians down 3-2 at the middle of the 3rd inning. -- I bet I could play better ball than some of these guys, just kidding I'm a "has-been" now.

2:50: A lot of empty seats, most people are standing in the shade. --I might need to join them soon.mariel

3:14: The hc1 team has an air conditioned suite!?! --I need to find this place.
3:45: hc1.com made an appearance on the jumbotron! --"Hey we work there!"

4:14: Most people are leaving due to the heat.-- Might as well stay and enjoy the game, especially since I’m technically working.

4:43: The Indians Manager just got ejected!!--HAHA! Everyone loves seeing that! I bet he did that to fire everyone up for a 9th inning rally!hc1 jumbotron

5:00: Game finally ends, RailRiders: 10 Indians: 5 --Sadly the tribe couldn’t pull out the W. Oh well, I still had a great day at “work!"




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