In the traditional fee-for-service healthcare marketplace, healthcare organizations have been paid based on the quantity of services provided. These payments have little to nothing to do with whether or not the actual health of patients are positively affected. Value-based care is turning a payment-focused system on it’s head by refocusing healthcare on the patient. Organizations must now deliver on the promises of value-based care while still keeping overhead costs low. + Vivizer Healthcare

Vivizer Healthcare, a leading healthcare consulting firm specializing in operational strategy, and, the inventor of the #1 Healthcare Relationship Management Platform, have partnered to empower hospitals, SNFs, home health agencies, and nursing networks to build robust business development strategies, leverage best-in-class analytics and utilize healthcare relationship management solutions to create centers of excellence in delivery of post-acute care.

With + Vivizer Healthcare, innovative healthcare groups can now:

Grow and maintain provider network relationships

Control costs and optimize service delivery in bundled payment programs

Align business development strategies with daily execution to achieve growth goals

Increase STAR rating with real-time data to measure performance

Empowering Excellence & Value

Stop by the hc1 + VIvizer Healthcare booth at the Value Based Care Summit to see how your healthcare organization can proactively:

  • Maximize reimbursements: Focus on high acuity patients to avoid unnecessary readmissions
  • Increase STAR ratings: Increase viability in competitive markets for hospital contracts
  • Increase patient satisfaction: Maximize face-to- face time with patients to create network affinity
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