As the healthcare industry moves towards a value-based service model, laboratories are being asked to build efficient, transparent relationships with clinicians to contribute to the reduction in the total cost of care. Test utilization initiatives can often be misjudged by the healthcare industry as laboratories trying to do less at the detriment of the patient when in reality, these initiatives help educate the industry as a whole by providing direction around the correct tests to order in certain situations.

Clear, focused lab utilization strategies often come out as triple winners, because the patients get better care, physicians achieve higher outcomes, and the clinical lab gets both recognition and increased funding because of the value it has added. 

It can be a bit daunting, however, to undertake such a time and resource intensive project. There is a right way and a wrong way to implement a test utilization strategy, both with wildly different outcomes. When utilization management initiatives are done right, physician clients are on board, the executive team provides added resources, and value-based patient outcomes soar. When it's done wrong, however, it's difficult to get buy-in from physicians and administrators and patient experience can suffer as a result. 


Mayo Medical Laboratories and North Memorial Health Care realized that in order for laboratories to adapt to this rapidly changing environment, they needed to understand the competencies necessary to implement successful test utilization programs that enabled the labs to organize data in meaningful ways and encouraged education initiatives designed to keep clinicians in the loop on patient testing statistics.  

Join Tammy Fletcher, MAOL, Administrator, Value Based Services, Mayo Medical Laboratories, and Bobbi Kochevar, MBA, MLS(ASCP), Director of Diagnostic Services at North Memorial Health, for this 90-minute webinar as they deep dive into utilization management strategies and solutions alongside the team from The Dark Report

Webinar: Simple, Swift Approaches to Lab Test Utilization Management: Proven Ways for Your Clinical Laboratory to Use Data and Collaborations to Add Value

Speakers: Tammy Fletcher, Mayo Medical Laboratories, and Bobbi Kochevar, North Memorial Health

Date: Thursday, June 29, 2017

Time: 1 p.m. EDT

Together, Fletcher and Kochevar will discuss:

  • The fast-track secrets to launching a utilization management project and getting buy-in from administration and physicians
  • Why some UM projects succeed spectacularly and others fail to engage, with tips on ensuring a winning collaboration
  • The nine competencies every lab needs to initiate successful utilization management programs
  • The five categories of lab test utilization and how each requires a different UM approach to improve patient outcomes


Register for this webinar, presented by The Dark Daily, here.


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