With its (somewhat) coveted position towards the end of the patient care journey, the post acute sector, encompassing home health, skilled nursing, and other extended-care facilities, has emerged as one of the best opportunities for healthcare networks and ACOs to rein in patient care costs and meet value-based payment initiatives. This is quite the pressure-filled position to be in for an industry that, until a few years ago, was considered a 'secondary add-on' to the primary care sector. 

For post acute care leaders looking for ways to contribute to value-based initiatives while increasing incoming referrals, the answer lies with real-time analytics. Having visibility across locations, patients, and physicians allows post acute decision makers to quickly make proactive choices based on real-time data -- not just gut feeling. 

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Download our newest whitepaper, "Leveraging Real-Time Analytics: 3 Ways Your Post Acute Care Organization Can Deliver Amazing Patient Experiences While Boosting Referrals,” to learn: 

  • How to track patient relationships throughout the continuum of care to deliver the highest quality healthcare experiences possible. 
  • How to translate real-time metrics and data into actionable strategies. 
  • How to boost incoming referrals with live insight and analytics. 

 Download the whitepaper today.

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