Join Linda Wilgus, Executive Director at Northwest Radiology, one of the largest physician-owned radiology practices in Indiana, as she discusses the ever-evolving healthcare environment provides insight to the question, "What Keeps Radiology Administrators Up at Night?"

When: Thursday, March 27th at 1:00pm EDTNWR_logo

Where: Register here

Who: Linda Wilgus, Executive Director of Northwest Radiology and Brad Bostic, CEO of

You will learn:

  • How Northwest Radiology has prepared for the future of radiology
  • How Linda and her team have improved turnaround time and have access to data on trends and issues to create closed-loop accountability
  • Practical tips to identify problem areas, take action on urgent needs, and build amazing relationships with all involved throughout your healthcare organization

Linda is a true leader in the industry, having spent over 17 years to date in radiology, and has seen many changes over the years. She will share her incredible experience with webinar attendees, as well as share practical tips and an overview of the® Healthcare Relationship Cloud™ solution that Linda and her entire team depend on to effectively interpret images and deliver results for several outpatient imaging centers and clinics throughout the state of Indiana.

Register now, and join us for this exclusive webinar on Thursday, March 27th at 1:00 EDT.


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