Today, North Memorial Reference Laboratory, a service of North Memorial Health Care, a leading health network in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, announced they will work with to transform the way they serve clients.

The solution will benefit North Memorial Reference Laboratory by immediately streamlining their client service management process to create a centralized profile of the providers and patients they serve that includes key data elements from both the Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and billing software systems. North Memorial Reference Laboratory now has a solution that identifies important issues and drives immediate action to deliver the highest quality of service to their clients.NorthMemorial

Bobbi Kochevar, the Director of Diagnostic and therapy Services for North Memorial remarked, "We needed a solution that could help us achieve real-time insights from our data that would also integrate different information systems across our lab. Prior to, our customer service department would have clients identify a problem before we even knew it existed. We needed to reverse that and be able to identify issues before the client knew there was a problem. The concept that we can use's robust business intelligence to drive a continuous quality culture while identifying opportunities to develop value added services for our clients before they even ask is revolutionary. These capabilities are making us change the way we think of things like deployable services, customer service delivery, and value added offerings."

North Memorial Reference Laboratory plans to drive continuous quality improvement through an internal operational focus, which will allow them to build a house of quality around their clients.

For more information on the North Memorial story, view the full press release here.


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