In a  recent article by the Dark Daily, Terry McGeeney, founding president and former CEO of TransforMED, indicated that the healthcare world has already changed. He further explained this statement by saying, "physician payment will ultimately involve capitated models heavily laden with incentives around quality and cost."  After reading a statement like that, you might be asking yourself:

"How will my laboratory, radiology practice, or healthcare organization be able to show value to the providers I serve?"

The answer can be easy, but leveraging lab management tools and lab analytics is going to be key.  Diagnostic entities now need to be able to prove that they are providing more value and higher quality to providers.... and they need to do it quickly. According to Mr. McGeeney, healthcare has already there's no time to fall behind.

A few ideas to ensure your diagnostic group is making the necessary adjustments to keep pace:

1) Embrace healthcare cloud computing: healthcare CRM solutions like allow you to hit the ground running and provide the quality reports the payers will start to need to maximize reimbursements and reduce unnecessary testing.

2) Start using lab tracking software: this should be a part of your daily routine to ensure you are always proactively addressing client issues and providing the highest level of service.

3) Find a solution tailored to your needs: was built from the ground up to support the data and intelligence needed to survive today's healthcare competitive world.

4) Be proactive, not reactive: use real-time actionable intelligence to alert and address high priority issues. Stay a step ahead of what's happening with each client.

The article even went on to say, "If the more innovative of the physicians are changing their pratice model by adopting medical homes, participating in ACOs, or selling their practices to local hospital and health systems, then the labs serving these primary care groups should have their own strategic plans in place to be the laboratory provider of choice."

Is your laboratory's plan in place? What will your competitive advantage be when trying to win their business? is a partner that can help your healthcare organization answer these questions, call us to see how.

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