Healthcare organizations...wouldn't it be great to have access to all of the neccessary information of your clients, all in real-time, and at your fingertips?

Sure every healthcare leader would say yes to this question, but often too many times it's easier said than done. So what's getting in the way? In most cases, data can be spread out over too many different silos...silos that are hard to connect and bring together.

The Institute of Medicine recently published a report that featured an interesting statistic. 50% of patients reported that information necessary to their case was not available when needed. 25% even said their healthcare provider had to re-order tests to have accurate information for diagnosis. Not only does re-ording a test jeopardize client service, it also costs your healthcare organization money.

The healthcare CRM and business intelligence solution brings many of these silos together on their cloud-based platform. Think of as the top of your pyramid, with all of your systems (billing, LIS, EHR, customer service, etc) being underneath and feeding into our healthcare speicifc cloud-based solution. can be used as a central platform, or the top of the pyramid, when trying to connect all of these different silos and bring them together to form actionable intelligence.

Other benefits of include:

  • Retaining and building upon the relationships of current clients, all while winning new ones.
  • Reducing turnaround time by having all of your clients information in one secure location.
  • Viewing your organization's information through real-time dashboards and alerts.


For more information on the healthcare CRM and business intelligence solution, view this 2-minute video.

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