With patients spread out across hospital locations, skilled nursing facilities, and their own homes, health systems are now tasked with controlling healthy outcomes remotely. With new value-based and bundled payment initiatives in place, keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital is no longer a maybe -- it's a critical financial factor to the future success of health networks. 

So how can healthcare leaders, physicians, and technicians all have a hand in population health? Remote monitoring solutions combine best-in-class technology, communication tools, and real-time data to create a clear picture of every patient's healthcare journey, no matter if they're inside or outside the four walls of a traditional hospital.

Stratify Large Patient Populations

In order to truly understand large patient populations, healthcare leaders must be able to gather, analyze, and segment patient data to create highly targeted patient audience groups. Managers can leverage detailed patient profiles and CRM elements to segment audiences based on demographics, clinical diagnosis, and other data points.  HIPAA-compliant communication tools help send targeted messages to specific audiences, while real-time analytics on these messages to know exactly where to focus outbound marketing campaigns and initiatives to maximize revenue.

Identify Patient Care Gaps

Healthcare networks can now use sophisticated remote monitoring solutions to pinpoint patient care gaps and identify any red-flag situations that warrant immediate attention. Leaders can quickly visualize patient networks and audience types to tailor physician engagement, drastically increasing patient sentiment and overall stakeholder satisfaction. Care managers can plan detailed patient journeys and next steps while driving measurable action and accountability from clear KPIs.

Maximize Employee Impact and Revenue

With data, technology, and human resources operating on the same playing field, healthcare providers can quickly and easily provide personalized care to large patient populations across multiple care sites. Leaders can know exactly which processes and workflows are working, and which need a little refinement. Healthcare networks can optimize outbound communication to ensure every patient is in the know when it comes to his or her care journey. 

With the right platform in place, health networks can simplify and streamline the remote monitoring process. You can learn more about hc1 Remote Monitoring solutions here

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