As a laboratory executive, you are probably already hard at work identifying where revenue leakage can be addressed and overturned. But have you considered one of the largest contributors to revenue waste in healthcare? 

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Blood volume waste often flies under the radar when it comes to more detailed internal efficiencies and processes, but it also presents one of the largest opportunities for healthcare organizations to recapture lost revenue. On average, the typical health system wastes over 10,000 blood product unites per year.

With an average cost to an organization of $400/unit, this means more than $4 million wasted in a single year. To put this revenue opportunity in perspective, salvaging just 5% of this blood product waste can result in over $500,000 in cost savings year over year. 

By leveraging Blood Utilization solutions alongside real-time analytics and healthcare CRM, laboratories can proactively address these utilization issues and more. Labs can now:

Measure Blood Inventory & Volume

Monitor C/T Ratios in Real-Time

Stay on Top of Blood Waste

Understand Appropriateness & Exceptions 

You can learn more about hc1 Blood Utilization by reading this quick one-page overview here.

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