Like many laboratories across the country, Bronson Healthcare Group faced new regulations, reimbursement rate cuts, and resource constraints that pinched their revenue margins to almost nothing.

2017 is projected to be a hard year for labs when it comes to receiving reimbursement rates forcing many to close their doors if they can’t find a way to sustain and increase their long-term revenue. Recognizing their need to grow their long-term revenue, Bronson Healthcare Group chose to build, launch, and execute a new lab outreach program.


Bronson Healthcare Group operates a healthcare system that services patients and families throughout southwest Michigan and northern Indiana. With 12 facilities throughout the region, Bronson knew they needed to do something fast if they wanted to survive in the competitive healthcare industry. So, they hired Joe Seestadt.

As an experienced laboratory director, Seestadt knew they needed to implement an outreach program to grow. Using a structural tension model, Seestadt could assess the organization’s outreach needs from every angle, including goals, infrastructure, resources, personnel, and technology.

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From his assessment, Seestadt discovered that Bronson needed a healthcare CRM tool to ensure that they could deliver the highest level of service to its existing provider clients while also handling the demands of new client relationships. 

By using a healthcare CRM, Bronson Healthcare Group could:

  • Improve issue resolution workflows and better anticipate client needs.
  • Track and manage all sales activities.
  • Access real-time analytics that inform decision for growth.

As a result of implementing a healthcare CRM platform in two major clinical labs, Bronson’s outreach program is projected to grow by 80% in the next seven years helping backfill the revenue loss through declining reimbursement rates.

Healthcare CRM platforms provide real-time analytics that help leadership make business decisions that will keep hospital and medical laboratory doors open for a long time.

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