One of the most exciting - and effective - updated features in hc1 4.0 is the Create Contacts Workflow. Now, you can create and track clients throughout all facets of, including the Activity Record, the Organization Record, and the Opportunity Record, ensuring that nobody drops the ball on accountability.

Creating Dynamic Contacts

Contacts are your customers. They are your valued clients with whom you work every day. The hc1 Create Contacts Workflow allows you to enter a client's information from multiple dashboards, and it alerts you if there is duplicate information. In healthcare, duplicate or unnecessary information often leads to labeling mistakes or communication errors, and eliminating these hold-ups streamlines efficiency throughout departments.

Tracking Client Activity

Once you have created your contacts in the Create Contacts Workflow, you can track that client's activity across Physicians often have relationships with several different organizations, and these connections are easy to track in the Contact Record. You can track these relationships and analyze which organization a doctor places the most orders from and when these orders were placed, giving you a fuller, more dynamic picture of your clients.

Orders Over Time

On Tho Go and In The Loop

Once you diligently create a contact and enter information into the hc1 Create Contacts Workflow, it is stored in the secure cloud and is available on all of your mobile devices. If a problem with a contact comes up while you are in the field, you can quickly access their contact information, along with all of their account information, directly from your phone. You can even call them straight from hc1 Mobile.


Customers are the backbone of Healthcare Relationship Management™, and presents these relationships in ways you can easily track and measure. With, you can view your customer data in ways you may have never imagined.

For more information on the hc1 Create Contacts Workflow, watch the video below:


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