Here at, we are excited to see our name alongside some of the biggest in the Cloud market on the BVP Cloudscape. The Cloudscape is a collection of the 300 most promising private companies in the Cloud Market today.

As the inventor of the Healthcare Relationship Cloud™, enables healthcare organizations to identify and focus on their most important issues - all over a secure cloud-based system. With the solution, health systems, labs, and radiology groups can drive issue resolution through closed-loop accountability, and proactively manage client relationships.


Bessemer Venture Partners also lists three sectors of the Cloud that they are most excited about moving forward - one of which is Vertical SaaS Solutions, like "These solutions show that an elegantly designed solution that fits an industry's specific needs can be compellingly valuable," states Byron Deeter, a Partner at BVP. According to Centaur Partners, SaaS revenue will encompass over 16% of the total enterprise software market by 2015.

According to Deeter, today's Cloud market represents only 2% of the $1.4 trillion that IT spends annually, so it is only uphill from here when it comes to the Cloud market. is ready for the future of the Cloud, and the future of healthcare.

To learn more about the Healthcare Relationship Cloud™, contact us today!

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