Today's medical laboratories are facing many pressures -- lower reimbursement levels, shrinking access to office-based physicians, etc. -- not to mention the pressure to make better use of the critical information trapped within their various data systems.

The Dark Report's recent article, "More Doctors Using Dashboards with Real-Time Patient Data—Including Clinical Pathology Laboratory Test Results" puts this in perspective. 

Clinical laboratory managers and pathology groups should take note that integrated health informatics—including medical laboratory test data—is being quickly adapted for data mining and real-time dashboard purposes. This affirms the need for labs to invest appropriately in information technology to stay current with the needs of their client physicians.

So given that labs need to find ways to quickly and efficiently convey critical information and laboratory analytics to their providers, the question becomes: how? Clinical laboratory software has historically fallen short at providing a holistic view of each relationship, making it difficult and cumbersome to manually compile this information into after-the-fact reports. is changing this dynamic As a healthcare CRM solution -- that means 100% built to the specific needs of medical laboratories -- makes it possible for labs to consistently deliver unique, valuable information to their providers that turn them into valued partners. To learn more about, sign up for a brief, online demo.

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