By Todd Melioris

While some labs are falling behind on lab management tools that help position their organization for success, the majority are now focusing on optimizing their lab analytics, lab metrics, and lab data. In order to fulfill the promise of tailored, proactive service,  these labs require real-time visibility into each of their clients via a CRM solution.

Additionally, lab executives now want to see what their sales reps are spending their time on. They want to have a pulse on how much time is spent on their most profitable and unprofitable customers. Or maybe, they've lost a key client in the past and are now committed to delivering the highest level of service to improve their retention rates.

Yet the most important information that is required to service clients effectively is the clinical information. Imagine combining your lab's clinical activities with all of your business communications to make every provider feel like your most important client. But even then, you might be asking yourself, "Just how important is this clinical information?" In the past, labs would send out Request for Proposals for CRM solutions where this information wasn't required. Today, we see a change that now requires this clinical information. Rather than evaluating generic CRM solutions, leading labs are evaluating a unique Healthcare CRM solution, which are built specifically for the healthcare industry and combine business activities with clinical activities. is the only solution on the market that combines clinical and business activities together to provide instant access to a 360-degree view of every client. From a central location, you can manage all client cases and seamlessly collaborate with providers. To learn more, sign up for a free demo.


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