By Mark Bridenstine

Attention, Lab Executives!

Do you feel 100% confident in the decisions you're making within your lab? (If so, enjoy the rest of your day at the local golf course or pool!)

However, for the majority of labs, the decision-making process can feel more like educated guesswork or "flying without instruments." The good news? It is possible to transform reactive guesswork into confident decisions when you have lab-specific Business Intelligence with real-time alerts that uncover the underlying cause of issues.

For example, when I talk to lab directors and ask them about Turn Around Time reports, I get a range of responses. Some say they can get those reports and others say they have a really difficult time accessing them.

Usually the conversation hones in on the fact that the reports take up to 30 days to receive them (depending on the systems used and the staff involved in the process).
But what if you're trying to understand the real problem with Turn Around Time outliers?  What if it isn't a courier issue or a labor issue?  How would you know? What if it's a specific lab instrument that is causing the bottleneck? What if you could know this in real-time and quickly make a decision to buy a second instrument to ease the congestion? It could mean the difference between losing customers or serving them for life.  This is the kind of lab-specific Business Intelligence that is needed to uncover the underlying cause of issues and take the appropriate course of action., the ultimate healthcare CRM solution, includes several real-time dashboard templates, including customizable Actual Turnaround Time graphs that allow you to calculate TAT from collection to result or from order to accession. These TAT graphs and charts can be filtered by Priority (Normal, ASAP, STAT) and then filtered further by Provider.  Once the graph displays in the template, the user can click on the graph to zoom into the provider record displaying the whole history of interactions (all orders and results as well as other activities like cases, tasks and memos/calls).
To learn more about, download our Success Story with laboratory leader South Bend Medical Foundation.

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