By Jason Wolfgang

Times, they are a changin’....

These words seem to be as true today as ever before. Newspapers? Don’t need them. Local Television? Seemingly on the way out. 

Staples in the way we consume information are changing at a staggering pace. What are the trends? How do we discern what drives our profitability tomorrow?

Of course, Healthcare isn't immune to the changing times. Here too we see new trends in how lab executives consume information with lab management tools. Instantly gaining a real-time pulse on your lab and its clients is now a critical aspect of success. Executives want to spend their time evaluating trends and developing an action plan rather than compiling endless spreadsheets and reports. They prefer critical value alerts to be sent straight to their computer or phone so they can quickly push this information out to providers. Critical information needs to be at their fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Will your lab’s outreach program enjoy the revenue per requisition it did last year? What about profit margins? Changes in the way lab executives consume information are also accompanied by questions like these. The pressure to stay competitive is growing, and executives can't wait until the end of the year to answer these questions. They need to know the answers now as their orders stream in from various systems.

This is why is focused on a healthcare cloud platform that answers the most pressing questions keeping lab executives up at night. The Healthcare Relationship Management solution aggregates all of your lab’s data, shows the trends that are important to you, and proactively tells you when things shift.  To stay ahead of the curve, you must have the right lab resources at your disposal. If your finger isn’t firmly on the healthcare industry’s pulse, you're going to end up a step behind. 

To learn more about and how we help lab executives proactively manage their business and make decisions, listen to our recent webinar recording with Doug VanOort, CEO of NeoGenomics Laboratories.

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