In case you missed it, we just wrapped up our first comprehensive webinar education series: 5 Risks Your Lab Will Face in 2016 - and How to Overcome Them.

This series came into being early this spring, when the minds behind the hc1 Research Institute put their heads together to answer one question: what are the 5 biggest challenges threatening labs this year, and how can we prepare them for survival? Thus began a research initiative that included in-depth interviews with some of the top labs in the world, one-on-one conversations with top industry thought leaders, and plenty of internal back-and-forth to narrow the list down to just 5 risks. Because, as anyone event remotely familiar with the healthcare industry knows, the list could go on forever.

First, we published our findings in an executive guide, and included quotes from some of our hc1 Research Institute contributors. You can find the guide here.

Next, we expanded on each one of these risks in stand-alone webinars. For each risk, an hc1 Laboratory Solution Specialist took the audience through the industry problem, the major risk, a real-world use case, and an actionable strategy to implement for success.

Check out the highlights of the series below:

Risk #1: Treating Every Client the Same 

  • Enhance the client experience without additional costs
  • Understand what causes labs to fall victim to delivering mediocre service

Risk #2: Focusing on Surviving, Not Thriving

  • Align payers, accounts, providers, and CPTs for longterm success
  • Analyze how one clinical lab saved millions of dollars by implementing measurable processes and benchmarking goals

Risk #3: Falling Victim to Data Silos

  • Outline strategic solutions to overcome data silos and achieve immediate visibility into client activities
  • Review how one toxicology lab used real-time enterprise reporting to pinpoint & save at-risk clients

Risk #4: Running Your Business in Arrears

  • Best practices to quickly resolve client issues and become proactive rather than reactive
  • Drive transparency, accountability, and collaboration to save money, resources, and time

Risk #5: Ignoring the Patient

  • Understand ways utilization strategies and proactive analytics can directly impact the patient's journey
  • Establish labs as valuable, respected partners to provider clients

Want to learn more? Our Laboratory Solution Specialists are happy to walk through the risks with you one on one. Schedule your appointment today!

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