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The release of hc1 6.0 is just around the corner! To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to preview some of the amazing new features that will be available. Up first: Custom Layout Designer.

  • Change the format and layout of Organization records (Could also be called Customers or Clients in your hc1 tenant)
    • Sales reps have limited time to log and locate information in the hc1 Healthcare Relationship Management solution. Currently, some of the key information needed is stored in user defined fields that appear far enough down the screen that mean you always have to scroll down to get to the info you care about.
    • Once custom layout designer has been released, administrators will be able to add, remove, rename, and reorder fields to simplify and streamline your experience in hc1. They will also be able to remove tabs and subtabs that aren't used and insert report previews (for instance to preview current order volume for your client from the organization record).
  • Modify the Organization information available on an activity's vCard
    • Client services reps need to be able to view organization details at the top of the screen while creating a case without clicking into the org record.
    • Once custom layout designer has been released, administrators will be able to add things their teams care about, such as account type, fax number, etc. to the vCard, while removing information that isn't needed, such as host code, and simplifying access to the info needed to create cases quickly. Administrators will also be able to reorder the info on the case record so that your team can log information on a case in the order that is simplest and quickest.

Custom Layout

  • Administrators will be able to reorder fields on a record.
    • Client Services teams have certain fields that must always be completed when a client call is received. Administrators will now be able drag and drop fields into the order they desire.
    • Additionally, entering information will be faster, as users will be able to tab between fields, and tabbing will follow the order of the fields on the screen, even if those fields have been reordered.
  • Administrators will be able to reorder tabs and subtabs.
    • Perhaps users are most interested in dashboards and contacts. Administrators will be able to move those tabs to appear right after Collaboration Center.
    • If certain subtabs are not commonly used by sales teams, administrators will now be able to remove those subtabs from the users’ views, further streamlining and simplifying their use of hc1.
  • Customizations will be simpler to make across your environment.
    • Lens profiles will affect fields globally, and administrators will have access to a new search and replace feature, which will help to streamline renaming of fields and tabs.
    • Administrators will be able to publish user-defined fields more easily via the new customization profiles.

Want to learn more? Email info@hc1.com for all the latest news and updates!

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