The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Standard (FHIR) Connectathon is happening this weekend! This event, sponsored by Indiana HIMSS Chapter, Eskenazi Health, and Epic, aims to build the next generation of integrated, interoperable, innovative solutions built upon the Epic FHIR sandbox.

Haven't signed up yet? Register here today - it's free! 

We talked with Mark Preston, captain of the hc1 team to get the inside scoop on the Connectathon - check out some of his answers below:

Mark Preston

What are you looking forward to most about the IN HIMSS Connectathon?

"We are really looking forward to see what types of creative solutions everyone comes up with - not just on our team but across all of the participants."

What are some skills your team has that might make the difference here?

"Besides the technology skills, our team has to build a full front to back web application, I think one of our strengths will be our ability to adapt and adjust. Since we won't find out the criteria or what type of data we'll have access to until the day of the event, we'll need to be creative and flexible."

What will you guys do with the prize money ($3000!) if you win?

"We haven't really thought about it. If we win, I think some time off after a long weekend of coding will probably be much needed!"

What do you hope to learn over this weekend?

"I hope to learn how other companies may be thinking of leveraging the FHIR standard in their products as well as seeing what types of use cases people come up with that leverage FHIR.  It may provide some direction for future FHIR support in hc1 - and help us better serve our client base."

We hope to see your team at the Connectathon this weekend! Let us know @hc1_HRM if you're there!


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