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Now that hc1 6.0 is out the door, the development team here at hc1 HQ is hard at work on our next release, which includes more exciting features and updates that have been asked for both via surveys and feature requests. We are currently targeting late summer for our next release, but we don’t yet have exact timing available to share with you. Stay tuned for more release information!

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to see in the upcoming releases:

  • Add existing activities as related items
    • You will soon also be able to relate other activity records (cases, tasks, and memos), as well as opportunities and campaigns, to activity records.
  • Mark your inbound emails as read by default
    • We couldn’t agree more - marking your emails as read not once but twice is frustrating. Now you’ll no longer need to take this extra step as emails you send through hc1 email sync will still appear in your hc1 communication center, but will already be marked as read.
  • New internationalization features
    • As our international client base grows, we’ve been able to make hc1 more inclusive of international standards for things such as currency and opportunity symbols and date formats.
      Based on your location, hc1 will be able to shift date formats using your browser’s localization settings. You’ll also see more location agnostic icons for opportunities.
  • Sync number for SMS text messages
    • This new feature will enable additional automation for items such as appointment confirmations and reminders based on the SMS text responses received.
  • Activity quick create components (for cases, tasks, and memos)
    • This feature will take custom record layout design one step further by allowing system administrators the ability to design custom quick create components for cases, tasks, and memos.
    • You’ll also be able to make quick create components appear only when certain conditions are met, for instance based on a case’s activity category or subcategory. This information can also be used to kick off creation of a task that the case creator needs to delegate to another team member.
  • Close, delete, or re-open multiple cases and tasks at once
    • While this feature is as straightforward as it sounds, this added functionality will help speed up case and task management for healthcare teams.
    • You’ll also have a link to allow quick access for viewing case resolution details.

**List order does not indicate order of release timing.

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