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I was recently discussing the typical activation process to get our customers up and running on the hc1 CRM platform with the CIO and project manager of a large hospital based lab.

The project manager seemed very skeptical of the timeline I had laid out, from start to finish of the project of 4 months which included the configuration of the CRM workflows as well as the full integration of the LIS system. His previous experience in CRM implementations had given him a much different perspective - one which I was prepared to change.

The fact is, hc1 was built from the ground up for healthcare and that focus in the healthcare industry and specifically with laboratories have allowed us to become extremely efficient in the processes and workflows that our customers need to be successful. We are with our customers from beginning to end - from activation to transformative and custom solutions. We don’t simply sell the platform and pass it off to someone else to build it. We learn about our customers needs and leverage our deep knowledge of the space to help deliver transformative solutions. Our close relationship with our customers has allowed us to learn from them and continue to grow our platform and build new solutions that provide more value and efficiencies across the board.

And that is where the value lies - our laser-focus in the healthcare industry is what has made us the #1 healthcare CRM solution. We are 100% devoted to living out our mission statement: Personalizing the Healthcare Experience® for Patients and Providers.

Andres Bueker is a Healthcare Solution Specialist at hc1.com. You can check him out on Twitter.

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