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hc1 6.0 - An hc1 That Works For Everyone

Every lab, hospital, or post-acute care facility is made of multiple teams of employees, each with its own priorities and ways of working, even when they interact with the same clients. Sales representatives interact with providers in a different way than service representatives do, for example. These differences can lead to wider divides as each team starts using its own tools and terminology to do its daily work. Collaboration between teams becomes time-consuming when information has to be updated in, gathered from, and transferred to multiple systems.

hc1 can integrate your company’s different information sources into one platform. But just because it’s one platform doesn’t mean there’s just one way to use it. With hc1 6.0’s new Layout Designer, you can easily tailor a version of hc1 to fit the way each of your teams work. You just choose a record type, such as an organization or patient, and then pick the components you want to display. You can make fields required or read-only or dependent on selections in other fields, and completely customize other fields across the board.



You manage the changes you make through customization profiles, which are bundles of record layouts, terminology, and navigation tabs that you can assign to different teams of users. Whenever you update a layout, that change is immediately pushed out to everyone with that layout in their user profile.

Want to see more? Check out our newest overview video get a quick glimpse of hc1 and our solution offerings.

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