You've already seen how hc1 can optimize lab marketing and outreach operations. And now I'm happy to introduce you to hc1 Campaigns for hospital and health system marketing teams. This upgraded functionality allows innovative and creative marketing teams to:

Add automation and ensure a better patient care experience.

  • Use SMS text messages to send annual wellness appointment reminder messages and automated appointment confirmations.
  • Use hc1 Campaigns to send personalized thank you emails to each of your patients following their annual check-up with links to satisfaction surveys.
  • Use Action Assistant to trigger tasks for patient communications to check in on results, questions, concerns, or follow-up appointments.
  • Track the impact of your enhanced patient communication experience.

  • Use the hc1 Healthcare Insight dashboard to track email open rates or the patient progression throughout the care journey.
  • Use this insight to determine which communications are having an impact on various patient populations to target your future efforts more effectively with each new campaign.
  • Our new rich text (WYSIWYG) editor means that you no longer need to know HTML to create beautiful emails.

  • Use & customize pre-built email message templates or create your own to reuse for future campaigns.
  • Copy and paste HTML source code from another template/email platform to use in your hc1 emails, simplifying the process of migrating your content into hc1 from another email service provider.
  • Upload images and resize in the email editor.
  • Preview your emails in full screen mode before sending.
  • Send SMS messages instead of or in conjunction with email messages.

  • Send appointment reminders to patients.
  • Notify physicians when key lab results are ready for review.
  • Define who receives messages based on campaign stages that can be created and customized for different campaign needs.

  • Use SMS messages in coordination with email to enhance communication and care coordination with patients in key disease states, such as those that are pre-diabetic or have recently received pre-cancerous test results.
  • Define different senders and use custom or standard fields to populate recipient info in your campaign messages to enhance personalization.
  • Want to learn more about hc1 for Marketers? Email today.

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