One of the many company events that® team members look forward to is the annual Chili Cook-Off. This year, the contest was a little later than usual, as we had a legitimate excuse to delay because of our recent move into our new HQ! With Mother Nature giving us a brutal winter this year, this was the perfect time to warm everyone up.

When I walked into the office last Friday morning, I could instantly smell the chili bubbling in their crock pots all the way from the front office area. I must admit, it was torture waiting for the official start time at noon. At 11:45am,  team members were already beginning to trickle into the break room to start sampling. The long line began to form around our brand new kitchen as team members made their way through each crock pot for a sample.


We had 13 entries in this year's Cook-Off (yes that's right...13!) categorized anywhere from non-spicy to smoking hot. Each entry even had its own special name. Dragon's Breath, Hair on Fire, and Slow Burn were a few fan favorites.

This was just one of many great company events we hold every year to celebrate our unique and fun company culture. At, our awesome culture of freedom & accountability all starts with our team members. A culture that links directly to helping healthcare leaders transform the way they manage provider and patient relationships. Did I mention we're growing? Join our team by applying today.


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